Black Book™ Announces Top Ranked End-to-End Crisis Management PR Agencies by Healthcare Industry Clients

Public Relations firms rated by client satisfaction and loyalty scores in eighteen key performance indicators by Payers and Providers

​​​​​​Black Book’s annual poll of public relations and crisis management firm clients noted a key shift from past years’ workforce issues, physician satisfaction and medicolegal problems, to newly developing technology-related and financial events challenging the reputations of healthcare provider and payer organizations in 2017. Anticipated demand for external PR support is expected to increase by nearly 20% over last year's budgeted funds industry-wide.

1,895 executive level officers participated over the seven month crowdsourced survey which included Chief Executive, Operations, Financial, Information, Marketing, Medical and Nursing Officers from 334 hospitals, 218 physician groups and ambulatory organizations, and 107 payers.

In the survey, Black Book asked respondents to rank 20 issues, which present the highest level of unease in order of how pressing they were in 2016, and to identify specific areas of concerns within each issue for 2017.

280 single events, separated into 26 emergency-group situations reflected 2016
engagements with external Crisis Management and Public Relations firms.

These 26 subject areas were: External Emergencies and Disasters, Internal Emergencies and Disasters, Patient/Clinical and Disease Emergencies, Governmental Issues, Man-Made Emergencies and Disasters, Physical Structure Emergencies, Medio-Legal Suits, Environmental Emergencies, Visitor Emergencies, Staff Emergencies, Workforce Issues, Technology and Information Systems Issues, Competitor Problems, Nursing Emergencies, Patient Satisfaction, Physician Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Contractual and Temporary Staffing Issues, Medical Staff Issues, Hospital Outcomes and Patient Safety, Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations Concerns, Financial Issues, Community Issues, Crime, and Other.

A total of 105 agencies, 78 public relations and 27 crisis management specific practices, received ballots on their clients’ satisfaction in four areas of performance before, during and after 2016 event engagements.

These end-to-end services include (1) crisis preparedness, training and planning, (2) crisis management, media and public response, (3) litigation, press, community, labor and restructuring communications, and (4) reputation recovery, impact, assessment and restoration.

12 firms' clients awarded their PR agencies and consultants with scores indicating overwhelming satisfaction, exceeding expectations for restoring reputations and enhanced communications, and highly recommending their agencies to peers facing future crises. In order, top ranked firms this year are:


Lovell Communications

Dodge Communications


Landis Communications

Public Communications Inc (PCI), Worldcom

Amendola Communications

Crosby Marketing

Bliss Integrated Communications

Tucker Hall

Weber Shandwick

Burson Marsteller

About Black Book

Black Book™, its founders, management and staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the vendors or public relations firms covered and encompassed in the surveys it conducts. Additionally, Black Book does not contract for, barter, exchange or accept direct services from any public relations firm mentioned in the rankings. Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media prior to vendor/firm notification of rating results and does not solicit vendor/agency participation fees, review fees, inclusion or briefing charges, consultation requirements, and/or vendor collaboration as Black Book polls' clients.

Since 2000, Black Book™ has polled the vendor and service firm satisfaction across over thirty industries in the software/technology and managed services sectors around the globe. In 2009, Black Book began polling the client experience of now over 540,000 healthcare software and services users including public relations agencies and crisis management consultants. Black Book expanded its survey prowess and reputation of independent, unbiased crowd-sourced surveying to IT and health records professionals, physician practice administrators, nurses, financial leaders, executives and hospital information technology managers.

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Source: Black Book Research LLC