Black Book: Hospitals Optimistic About Allscripts' Paragon Acquisition

Survey finds 96 percent of existing Paragon users 'confidently optimistic' that Allscripts' acquisition will improve processes and benefit their organizations.

​The purpose of the survey is to determine from polling 216 inpatient facilities and health systems currently using McKesson Paragon products how the announced Allscripts acquisition may impact them in the next 24 months.

Consensus was determined that despite reported speculation and buzzes in the CIO & tech consulting ranks, there are no reported Board level or Administrative level initiatives in place that haven't already been announced to replace the current Paragon platforms in 2018 - 2019.

Of the eight Paragon clients that stated they were in EIS replacement processes prior to the announcement, six would include Allscripts in future consideration stages.

Black Book invited 1200 leaders to the poll from McKesson Paragon client acute care providers and determined that 96 percent of board, executive financial leaders are confidently optimistic that the Allscripts acquisition will improve Paragon client processes and technologies, and benefit their organizations.

63 percent of Paragon client hospital boards assert that their financial positions are too insecure to replace their EIS in the two next years and 100 percent confirm they have not approved capital expenditures for replacement EHR, which corresponds to the knowledge of all responding administrative, financial clinical and most technology managers.

"Nearly every Paragon client facility responding is focusing on acquiring other long delayed software initiatives because of previous EHR investments including revenue cycle management, analytics and population health tools and these will remain their primary strategic IT initiatives for 2018-2019, not EHR replacement," said Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book. "Hospital boards and executives are clearly hopeful the Allscripts acquisition will benefit their organizational processes and relieve their looming Paragon concerns."

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