Sentry Data Systems Earn Top Client Satisfaction Ratings in 340B Management Systems, Black Book Survey

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Black Book Research announced that Sentry Data Systems achieved the top honor for highest user experience and outcomes in the annual customer polling of top 340B solutions' customers. Black Book's intensive study of 340B management systems included the input of pharmacy and financial leaders in hospitals, community health centers, government health agencies and clinics, and contract pharmacies and was scored by 1,169 health providers participants in the crowdsourced survey from July to December 2020.

"Approximately one third of all US health systems receive 340B funding from which health systems and outpatient facilities (including cancer centers, critical access hospitals, rural referral centers, and children's' hospitals) with optimized software solutions transfer savings into programs that improve patient outcomes," said Doug Brown, President of Black Book Research. "Exceeding the strategic priorities of clients is how successful 340B solutions vendors like Sentry Data Systems receive top customer satisfaction ratings, whether it is regulatory compliance, positive finance impact, enhanced staff education, or integrations and interoperability."

The 340B drug pricing program was created in 1992 to ensure hospitals with large populations of vulnerable, under-served, low-income, uninsured and under-insured populations could serve patients without financial resources. Pharmaceuticals purchased at 340B pricing exceeded six percent of all medications bought in the US in 2020 and estimated to exceed $17.0 billion. 

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