SIS Amkai Earns Fifth Consecutive #1 Client Rating in Ambulatory Surgical Center EHR User Satisfaction, Black Book Survey

Surgical Information Systems Amkkai achieved top ratings in thirteen of the eighteen key performance indicators focused on vendors delivering perioperative IT to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and hospitals.

Black Book Research announced the top comprehensive information technologies for electronic health record as collected from 852 ambulatory surgical centers, outpatient procedure surgeons and support clinicians in Black Book’s annual poll of customer experience and satisfaction. In total, 38 ASC EHR vendors received crowd-sourced evaluations from the professionals’ polling conducted Q2 to Q4 2019.

Black Book Market Research LLC measures customer satisfaction across eighteen coding-centric, key performance indicators: Strategic Alignment of Client Goals including value-based care and MACRA; Innovation & Optimization; Training; Client relationships and cultural fit; Trust, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics; Breadth of offerings, client types, delivery excellence; Deployment and outsourcing implementation; Customization; Integration and interfaces; Scalability, client adaptability, flexible pricing; Compensation and employee performance; Reliability; Brand image and marketing communications; Marginal value adds and modules; Financial and Managerial Viability; Cybersecurity; Support and customer care; and Best-of-breed technology and process improvement.

87% of ASC staff surveyed agree with 91% of associated physician practices reporting overall industry improvements in ASC EHR data interoperability and system usability since last surveyed in 2018. 93% of providers realized polled also noted operational efficiencies without impacting clinician workflows utilizing ASC technologies in outpatient settings.

The survey methodology and full listing of ambulatory surgical center solutions vendor rankings in each category can be found at Black Book’s website

About Black Book

Black Book Market Research LLC, its founder, management and staff do not own or hold any financial interest in any of the coding solutions vendors covered and encompassed in the surveys it conducts. Black Book reports the results of the collected satisfaction and client experience rankings in publication and to media before firm notification of rating results and does not solicit survey participation fees, review fees, inclusion or briefing charges, or involve consultant firm collaboration with Black Book before the announcement of the polling outcomes.

In 2009, Black Book began surveying the client experience of healthcare software and managed services users, as well as polling for trend identification, industry insights, and outcomes. Black Book expanded its survey prowess and reputation of independent, unbiased crowd-sourced surveying to technology professionals, physician practice administrators, clinicians, user level staff, financial leaders, executives, and board members. Consultants and advisor satisfaction polls were first issued in 2011. In 2012, Black Book included payer organizations and insurers, and in 2015, launched panel surveying of healthcare consumers. 

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Source: Black Book Research